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Emerging Home Design Trends Revealed in Houzz Report

PALO ALTO, CA — COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s perception of “home,” resulting in new styles, features and aesthetics surfacing in home design over the past year –among them a need for dedicated activity spaces, a desire to bring the outdoors in, and a requirement to create flexible interior spaces.

That is the key conclusion of research conducted by Houzz Inc., the Palo Alto, CA-based online resource for home remodeling, which this week identified the top emerging home design trends based on the latest search insights from its community of homeowners and remodeling pros.

According to Houzz, the following are among the leading COVID-fueled home design trends that have emerged in the past year:

n Dedicated Activity Spaces: “People have been relying on their homes to provide new avenues of activity and entertainment since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Houzz, pointing to search trends that the online resource is seeing for art studios (up nearly tenfold), home bars and wine cellars (up nearly four times) and home theaters, home gyms and home offices (up between two and three times each).

n Bringing the Outdoors In: According to Houzz, one in five remodeling homeowners is opening up their kitchens to the outdoors, with “openness to nature and the role of greenery in our homes a trend that seems to be accelerating.” Searches for artificial plants and trees, as well as indoor pots and planters, are up significantly, respectively, since last year. “We’re also seeing a significant uptick in searches for green kitchen cabinets, bathroom tile, accent chairs and bedrooms,” Houzz said.

n Living Room Refresh: As people have spent more time in their living room over the past year, “they may be seeking inspiration to refresh the space,” with searches for living rooms up 52% compared to the same time in 2020, Houzz reported. Home accents in general have seen some of the most dramatic increases, along with decorative accents, abstract paintings, display shelves and slip or chair covers, the company noted.

n Flexible Design: Many homeowners are turning to design options that offer more flexibility within the existing footprint of their homes, Houzz reported. Searches for TV armoires with pocket doors, queen murphy beds, and nesting side tables are among the products and features generating significantly higher interest, Houzz researchers added.

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