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Cabinet Refacing

kitchen cabinetCabinet refacing is the procedure of replacing cabinet skin layers to give your kitchen a drastic new look. You may need a change in layout, such as replacing your perfect kitchen countertop with the latest high-tech model, or your cabinets might be dinged or cracked. If this is how you feel about your kitchen, refacing it is probably the best option for you. There are lots of options for cabinet refacing in your local home improvement store.

Another option for cabinet refacing is to buy whole or part real wood. This option is best if you like the look of real wood but not the maintenance and treatment involved in keeping real wood furniture in prime condition. If you have your heart set on real wood, you can save a lot by buying laminate over real wood. Laminate is a less expensive alternative to solid wood, and you will still get the elegant, warm feel of real wood without all the hassles.

If your kitchen cabinets need an overhaul, but you don’t want to spend too much on major remodeling, you should consider cabinet refacing instead. Cabinet refacing isn’t an easy DIY project; in fact, many do-it-yourselfers find it a daunting task that ends up costing them more than the value of their effort. Even if you choose to hire a contractor to do the work, you’ll likely wind up with a lower price than if you had performed the job yourself. So when it comes time to remodel your kitchen, don’t let yourself feel pressured into doing a job you’re not capable of doing alone.

There are some cabinet refacing kits available on the market that allow you to do the work yourself. However, many people find that the initial investment is worth it in the end because they enjoy the finished product so much more than if they had simply replaced the kitchen cabinets. When you have cabinets installed, there is no way to hide the flaws in the wood. The paint used for cabinet doors can also be compromised if not removed properly, so refacing your cabinetry allows you to immediately give your room a fresh, new feel.

There are two basic types of cabinet refacing: real wood and laminate. Real wood cabinets are the most common form of cabinet refacing, as they look just like real wood, even coming in a wide range of colors. Because real wood is so widely available, you won’t encounter any difficulty finding the kind of wood you want. Laminate cabinets, on the other hand, are made from a composite material that looks like real wood but is more susceptible to scratches and stains than real wood.

If you’re looking at refacing your cabinets for the first time, then real wood may seem like a better choice. But if you know how to properly reface kitchen cabinets, you can save money and still get a great look for your kitchen. Refacing only takes a few hours, and the whole process can be completed without hiring a professional. If you’re unsure about whether or not you can reface your own kitchen cabinets, then you should consider hiring a pro to come in and do it for you. Even if you hire a pro, however, you can still save money by doing your own kitchen cabinet refacing.

In addition to saving money and getting a brand new look for your kitchen cabinets, another advantage to doing your own cabinet refacing is that you can save time. Because you already have all the tools you need to perform a refinishing job, this project will take a lot less time than if you were to hire someone to reface the existing cabinet boxes. If you already own new kitchen cabinets, then you need only remove the old ones and install the new ones. You can also remove the doors from your existing cabinets and replace them with new ones without having to remove the doors from the frame.

There are a variety of methods for performing cabinet refacing. You can choose to do the refacing job yourself, using the step-by-step procedures outlined in Do-It-Yourself Refinishing Cabinet Hardware or other guides. Alternatively, you can pay a professional to reface your kitchen cabinet hardware for you. Whether you decide to pay someone to do the job for you or do it yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy a brand new look for your kitchen cabinetry in no time at all.